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Hello everyone! the Hot Blood podcast has released Epsiode 2!

What is Hot Blood?
Hot Blood Podcast is a podcast, about Digimon, Mecha(giant robot) anime, and Tokusatsu live action japanese television programs, as well as Related gaming, as well as related toy, hobby, and collecting interests. This is the podcast born from TRUE COURAGE!

Section 1: We take about various Localization of Super Robot programs, as well as Gundam and Macross on the Real Robot side, including Toonami many mistakes, and the ill fate of Cyborg 009, also, the GaoGaiGar Media Blasters hiatus and turn to sub-only DVD's and the Gurren Lagann dub.

Section 2: I answer some gaming emails, where I go into details of the basics of SRW Alpha 3 (to the people who have only played OG1 and OG2 on the GBA.) and also cover specific strategies for the Macross 7 Finale, the End of Evangelion mission,  and the Gundam SEED finale. I also talk about Another Century Episode 3, and highly reccomend, and talk about what Digimon games to play and which to avoid.

Section 3: I talk about where to find fansubs of the various Digimon shows, as well as movies, and what I thought of each, links will be coming a little further into this post. I also talk a little bit about Kamen Rider Kiva and Enjin Sentai Go-onger, and then a few pieces of listener mail.

Please head over to our community at:

Be sure to check the archives in our user info if you want to check out other episodes!

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